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Southern Utah Ant Invasion

Seriously!! What the heck is going on with all these ants?
Ants crawling on wooden surface

If you have lived in Southern Utah for any amount of time at all, you have probably uttered these words to yourself on more than one occasion.  They have popped up all over your yard.You kill them in one spot and three days later 4 more appear in another.  So you treat them as well and 3 days later they are in your kitchen!!!  You start to think that you are either cursed by the evil Gypsy Ant Queen or you are dealing with some kind of zombie ant!!

Do not worry because you are not alone.  And you are not dealing with creatures from the ant apocalypse!  What you have are pavement ants! These little devils are a pain in the backside to get control off.  With most bugs, you can be aggressive and attack them directly and kill them dead right now!  But with pavement ants, you can not.

The issue with these is in the number of reproducing queens.  Most ants have only one reproducing queen.  Pavement ants can have up to 200!  This makes eliminating an infestation a bit more complicated.  You see, if you kill the worker ants too quickly the queens panic!  They grab the eggs they have and split the colony.  Then they amp up reproduction to replace what they lost.  This is why when you kill one colony 4 more appear later!

The key to getting these ants under control is time!  Using products that are non-repellent, or baits that they have to carry back to the colony is vital.  This allows the worker ant to take the pesticide back to the queens and kill the colony at its source!  This can take anywhere from 3 days to 2 weeks!  Like with all pest control problems it’s always best to get advice from a professional. 

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