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Does Southern Utah Have Termites?

Heat map of the US showing the level of termite threat

Unfortunately, YES. But, will my house get termites? Probably, if you do not protect it in some way.

You see, we actually have 2 types of termites in Southern Utah: drywood termites and subterranean termites. Drywood termites generally attack your home from the top down. They leave droppings called frass that look like piles of sawdust. Subterranean termites attack from the ground up. They generally leave mud tubes in the areas they are affecting. Both types of termites are destructive to your home and must to be treated by a professional.

Dealing With Termite Issues?

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Do I have to treat the whole house?

Sometimes. Actually, a partial treatment may not be able to get all the termites as they typically enter the home in a few different places. A full house treatment while a bit more expensive can save you thousands of dollars and headache in the long run.

Can I prevent termites?

Kind of… You should limit exposed wood on the outside of your home. Using fresh paint, stain or sealant will help reduce the risk of a drywood infestation. Furthermore, Subterranean termites are prevented by applying a chemical barrier under or around your home. With the right products, you can protect your home for up to 10 years! Nevertheless, termites are always going to be looking for an opportunity. Actually, that is what they were made to do.  

Dealing With Termite Issues?

Let Western Pest Take a Look for Free!

Will termites come back?

Yes, they can! However, upkeep to the home as well as a chemical barrier will help to protect your home.

Do termite treatments come with a warranty?

Usually. Western Pest Control offers a one year warranty on drywood treatments and a 10-year warranty on subterranean treatments. However, a warranty is only as good as the company behind it. We have been servicing Southern Utah for more than 15 years. Our techs are background checked, drug-screened and would love to be your Pest Hero.