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With nearly 2 decades of experience, Western Pest Control is your go-to resource for information and DIY tips and tricks regarding pest control. Check out our blogs below to gain some valuable knowledge!

How Does Termite Treatment Work?

For many property owners, termites are what nightmares are made of. With termite damage costing the US billions of dollars of damage per year, it’s no wonder people are so afraid of these small but destructive pests.Read more
black widow spider

Spiders of Southern Utah

There are almost 4000 different species of spiders in North America alone! What is worse is that each and every one of them is venomous!Read more
Bee hive in St. George

The Buzz about Bees

Bees buzzing in or around your home? Fear not! Take a look at our blog to find out how to get rid of the stinging insects.Read more