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The Buzz about Bees

Bee hive in St. George

Help!! I have bees swarming in my yard!! What do I do?

This is a fairly common occurrence. Bees will often build hives in trees, bushes or even in wall voids of your house or garage.

Last year while doing some general pest control for a client, I came across a beehive in the cinder block wall at the back of his property and was able to take care of it for him.

If you don’t mind them buzzing around, having these drones on your property is actually a good thing. They generally won’t sting unless they feel threatened. Having them there can help ensure that your plants and trees are properly pollinated.

However, sometimes they will build a hive in a location that is just too close to people or in a location that could cause damage to your home.  And in some cases, where people are allergic to bees, safety is a concern.

In many cases, a beekeeper can come to your home and remove the hive without killing any of the bees. These flying insects are becoming more and more endangered so safe removal is always preferred.

Sometimes bees cannot be reached by a beekeeper. A few months ago, I was called to such a service at a church building. The bees had entered the building through a hole in the top of the A-frame at least 60 feet up. In this case, I had to treat the colony and seal the wall so no others could get in.   

So if you can enjoy the bees around your home, they are a vital part of the ecosystem. But on the other hand, in cases where they just can’t be left, you always have the option of calling a professional to come and take care of it for you.

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