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While other states have to deal with ants and spiders, here in Utah we have the pleasure of living with scorpions. Luckily, only a few scorpions are considered to be deadly. In fact, of all the scorpions in Utah, only one species is considered deadly to humans. 

What are Scorpions?

Scorpions are easily identifiable by their tough exoskeleton, pincers, and long stingers filled with venom. They mainly live in deserts but have adapted to a wide range of environmental conditions, and can be found on all continents except Antarctica. Scorpions primarily prey on insects and other invertebrates. They use their pincers to capture and kill prey or for self-defense from predatory creatures. 

Is a Scorpion an Insect?

What is a scorpion? Most people think that scorpions are insects. Scorpions actually belong to the arachnid family, making them a close relative of spiders. Like other spiders, scorpions have eight legs while insects have just six. 

Where do Scorpions Live?

The most venomous scorpions in the United States can be found in the desert regions of the U.S. such as the Sonoran and Mojave Deserts. But with the spread of urban sprawl, they can also be found in residential neighborhoods in Arizona, California, New Mexico, Nevada, Utah and Colorado. 

Types of Scorpions in Utah

There are several species of scorpion that call Utah home. Some of the types of scorpions in Utah include:

  • The Northern Scorpion
  • The Arizona Bark Scorpion
  • THe Giant Desert Hairy Scorpion
  • The Black Hairy Scorpion

Northern Scorpion

Northern Scorpions are a small species of about 5 cm in length. These scorpions are recognizable by their large-rounded pincers and slender tail. They are usually tan with a dark-brown and striped side. These scorpions are not very venomous but the pain is likened to a hornet sting. Usually pain will subside within 4 hours.

Arizona Bark Scorpion

The Arizona bark scorpion is the only deadly scorpion found in the U.S. It can grow up to around 8 cm. Arizona Bark Scorpions are adapted for desert terrain and can blend into the surrounding environment. Arizona bark scorpions seek shelter from the heat under rocks, or under tree-bark, hence its name. Unlike some scorpions, Arizona Bark Scorpions are opportunistic shelter seekers and can even find their way into houses. 

Giant Desert Hairy Scorpion

Giant Desert Hairy Scorpions are larger than other species and prey on animals such as lizards, snakes, other scorpions, and large insects. They are mostly tan colored with a dark brown/black side. The scorpion uses tiny hairs on its body to detect the vibrations of nearby prey or predators. Giant Hairy Scorpions are burrowers and can be found in valleys and canyons where they create intricate tunnel systems reaching up to 2.5 meters in length! These scorpions are aggressive but despite their bark their venom is not very toxic.

Black Hairy Scorpion

Black Hairy Scorpions are another large, burrowing species related to the Giant Desert Hairy Scorpion. The main differentiation is the black side of the Black Hairy Scorpion. The Black Hairy Scorpion is found mainly in Southeastern Utah.

How To Get Rid of Scorpions in Utah

Scorpions enjoy being in the shade and will seek out anything that is available. If your home is not secure, you could find these pests in your home. Be sure to check for cracks in your roof or around windows. Inspect your foundation for cracks large enough for a scorpion to pass through. Remove woodpiles, leaves, and anything else scorpions can hide under the foundation of your home.

DIY Scorpion Removal

Luckily, when scorpions do get into your home there are some DIY methods you can use to get rid of scorpions.

  • Use a UV light to check for scorpions hiding in the yard or house.
  • Trap them with a glass jar.
  • Spray scorpion insecticide directly on a scorpion.
  • Set sticky traps in areas where scorpions are seen.

Call Western for Scorpion Control

If you are experiencing a problem with scorpions in or around your home it is best to leave it to the professionals. Don’t risk the safety of your family. Call the pest control experts at Western Pest for the best scorpion and pest removal in Utah.

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