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Protecting Your Home From Utah Pests With Yearly Pest Control

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New to the Southern Utah area? Well first, welcome to the Utah Desert, home to dozens of types of insects that love it here too!

Like many before you, one question that fills the minds of newcomers is, “what should I expect when it comes to pests in this area?”  Living in Southern Utah means finding roaches, scorpions, spiders, ants and many other species, trying to sneak their way into your home. Whether to get out of the heat or to get out of the cold, these bugs want in!

Maintaining yearly pest control is a very important key to keeping your home pest free. By treating your home regularly you will be able to sleep better at night knowing your home is protected from all of these creepy crawlies! In our experience, our happiest customers are those who have the exterior of their home serviced bimonthly through the year with the interior sprayed as needed.

We are often asked, “Are the products you use friendly for my children and pets?”  And our answer is yes! Most of our customers love our service because of the care to protect their home in the safest way possible. We understand how important your children and pets are to you, so we make sure to use products that are both human and pet-friendly.

“What if this is my second home?” “What if this is a vacation rental?” “What if I am a snowbird?” These are some common questions asked by many of Southern Utah residents. We recommend that the property is still maintained regularly throughout the year to maintain the bug barrier, to prevent any infestations that may happen, and to keep the home pest free for when you and your guests come to visit.  

Western Pest Control has been providing quality service to our neighbors in St. George for nearly 20 years. Our local knowledge allows us to be experts on the pest that live in our area and we would love to help you keep your home pest free. To receive a free quote, give our friendly office staff a call or text at 435-673-8300!

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